Owl Mountain Coaching, LLC
Looking Back but Moving Forward!


Owl Mountain Coaching, LLC

Inside of Every Retired Educator Is a Wise Owl Struggling to Get Out!

Lorraine Richardson, Founder and "Chief Owl"
When an educator retires, an entire storehouse of knowledge, insights, strategies, and “secrets” dissolve like spun sugar. However, to the next generation of educators, I seek to pass on my hard won experience and expertise distilled from multi-decades of urban teaching and coaching teachers at both the middle and high school levels.
Looking Back but Moving Forward!

Owl Mountain Coaching Mission and Philosophy
        I seek to:
Touch and inspire the next generation of educators.
Serve as a sounding board, thought-partner and idea generator to coaches and administrators.
Build communities of practice that make a difference.
Support educators as they manage the 'Inner game" of teaching and coaching.
Work with administrators/coaches/retired educators to enhance teachers' career longevity-reducing attrition.