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About the Chief Owl

Lorraine Richardson
Instructional and Literacy Coach/Consultant/Trainer
Author/Creator of the reform model
A Coach's Guide to Asset-Mapping Teacher Quality: The Journey from Compliance to Community.
Lorraine Richardson, a skilled, urban educator who taught the Language Arts at both the middle and high school level gained tremendous insight into the anatomy of a high-performing classroom community. For more than fifteen years she served the Detroit Metropolitan Area as a literacy and instructional coach, coaching teachers in the classroom and designing professional development activities for administrators and parents. She has created and authored hundreds of documents to improve teacher quality and classroom practices.
    •    Taught the English Language Arts at both the middle school and high school levels.
    •    Reviewed grants on teacher quality (awards upwards of $200,000) for the Michigan Department of Education
    •    Initiated and designed professional development activities for administrators, teachers, and parents.
    •    Served as co-director of the National Writing Project: Metro-Detroit
    •    Served as a consultant for Michigan Virtual High School: Online Learning - certified as an online instructor.
    •    Assisted  principals and assistant principals in various administrative functions and responsibilities.
    •    Provided leadership in the development and implementation of goals, action plans, and instructional techniques.
    •    Coordinated school-wide testing programs and provided instructional practice materials.
    •    Conducted seminars to motivate students to take and perform well on standardized tests.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and a Masters in Public Administration from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

To expand her professional development horizons, Lorraine   
    •    Attended Harvard University’s Project Zero Summer Institute
    •    Completed the Harvard University distance-learning course: Teaching to Standards Using New Technologies.
    •    Earned a certificate in instructional technology from Michigan State University
    •    Studied Supervision of Instruction and Curriculum Construction.
Lorraine is the Chief Visionary Officer at Conversations with a Coach  and " Chief Owl" at  Owl Mountain Coaching, LLC. She is the creator of A Coach's Guide to Asset-Mapping Teacher Qualty: The Journey from Compliance to Community.