Owl Mountain Coaching, LLC
Passing the Torch to the Next Generation of
Educators in Under Served Communities!

Owl Mountain Coaching Seminars- Working with the Chief Owl

wise owl, retired educator
The Chief Owl Coaches the Coaches

        Whether you coach new,  ineffective, or veteran teachers, whether you work in a start-up, charter, high priority, or contract school, the Owl Mountain Coaching Asset-Mapping System will empower you to provide customized support to your "clients".

In the introductory session, you will learn to gain entry, establish trust, and  set coaching goals.
You will examine your mental blue print for how teachers:

1.Establish Credibility.
2 Demonstrate Caring
3. Create Systems

Introductory Session- One Day Seminar  $99.00 per person
Seminars can also be scheduled for multiple days for teams
Audience: New coaches, teacher leaders, administrators, experienced coaches

Owl Mountain Coaching - Educators: Refire, Don't Retire

Experience, Expertise, and Wisdom Needed

A retired educator is a living library of pedagogical talent,
A  library of classroom strategies, solutions,
A veritable tree of teaching practices,
A windfall of talent.

Are you ready to pass the torch to the next generation of educators?

Law firms often promote senior lawyers with experience and expertise to Of Counsel position. Isn't it time educational institutions do the same?

Using the unique Owl Mountain Coaching Asset-Mapping System based on my years of experience coaching teachers, you will individualize the system by integrating your experience, expertise, resume, and wisdom (assets)  into it.


A fifty (50)  per cent deposit is required to secure a date(s); the balance is due the day of the seminar. A one day minimum is required on All seminars.
Travel and lodging fees may apply.    Contact us: